Updating and Down Timing

Wow, Winter went quick! As fast as anything we are back to Spring, sunbathing on the terrace, still windy some days, but the sun...ohhh the sun! Languedoc, is just the most beautiful region and Spring has to be my favourite time of year. I am waiting patiently for the poppies to appear - field upon … Continue reading Updating and Down Timing


*Rocking in a corner*

I often wonder where or stress comes from. Then days like today happen and I realise. Kids. I find sentences coming out of my mouth that I REALLY never thought I would have to say. Like say out loud to another human being. 'Don't put your nose near that candle' to the 16 year old … Continue reading *Rocking in a corner*

Yellow Jackets and Silver Baubles

I have not written for a while *slaps my own wrist*...it must be contentment - so that's not a bad thing! Contentment is really just another word for 'Less chaos than normal in our ever so chaotic lives'. Lee's mum has been here for three weeks and I think we managed to attend every Christmas … Continue reading Yellow Jackets and Silver Baubles